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Bella Pietra marble bathtubs are handcrafted in Carrara using the finest marbles from all over the world. Our personalised designs are unique and made to measure allowing you to customise the material and dimensions.

Elegant tubs to furnish your bathrooms

The bathroom is designed by our architects so that marble bathtub, sinks and tiles can perfectly combine together. A bathtub from Bella Pietra is made from a single block of marble and thanks to the patented technology, lighten to help with installation.

Cratere and Nuvola marble bathtub have a soft and sculptural shapes and fit perfectly in to modern and spacious bathrooms. They can also be placed next to a wall but best express their beauty if placed in the centre of the room. 

Onda bathtubs with their sharp and squared lines are ideal for smaller rooms and can be combined with the marble shower tray and the related sink. 

Hydra has appeared some of the most important international marble fairs such as Marmomac in Verona and Fuorisalone in Milan. It is designed with a sinuous, ergonomic and elegant marble seat, combined with two transparent crystal plates.

Timeless Designs



Our lightweight monolithic marble bathtubs combine designs inspired by nature, combining agronomical lines to create a welcoming luxurious tub that maximises  comfort. Our customers needs are always for front in our designs, that's why we offer customisable products reflecting the needs and designs of the customer. Each of our marble bathtubs is not just a work carved in marble but a design object able to be personalised to your individual and personal desires.

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