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Light Marble

When we talk about marble in general, we undoubtedly refer to light marble. Light marble, and in particular white marble, is considered the marble par excellence, with its natural luminosity and brilliance.

White marble is not the only light color marble: there are many types of light colored marble available, each with its own tonality and chromatic characteristic.

Among the most successful types of light marble, we undoubtedly find light grey marble or, much appreciated for its warm and welcoming tone, light brown marble or light cream marble (light Emperador marble is surely one of the most famous varieties in this category). In recent years, light pink marble has also been used more and more, especially in bathroom furnishings: Rosa Tea marble is undoubtedly one of the most famous and loved varieties of light pink marble.

he possible applications of light marble in interior design are practically endless. Light marble floors are considered a must whether they are made of classic white marble, light gray marble or even light blue marble.

In addition to the light marble floor, the bathroom is another room in which light marble is particularly enhanced. One of the main reasons for this is that all types of light color marble are able to effectively reflect light as well as to greatly increase the perception of space. The rooms in which light marble is used, in fact, are immediately brighter and more spacious. Finally, light marble goes particularly well with the bathroom because it is able to convey an idea of ​​cleanliness and hygiene. One of the latest trends in terms of bathroom furniture is the use of light green marble: this light marble can be used for the vertical cladding, the sink top, the shower tray or, why not, for the creation of bathroom objects (e.g. light green marble soap dish).

Another typical use of light marble is the creation of worktops such as a light marble kitchen top. Light colored marble is a material that goes very well with other materials such as wood or metal and the kitchen is another environment where it is easy to create winning combinations with these materials.

To conclude, whether it is an indoor or outdoor environment, light marble is splendid when used for the creation of steps, stairs or stairways. Light marble stairs, in fact, are a timeless solution, also a pillar of interior design.

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