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Marble Colours

The stone and marble colours available on the market are innumerable and come from all over the world. Each marble colour has its own peculiarities that make it unique.

The first useful aspect of marble colors is undoubtedly the mineralogical composition: if we take the Italian extraction basin as a reference point, we find above all metamorphic rocks (marble tout-court), magmatic rocks (such as granite and gabbro), and sedimentary rocks (including travertine, sandstone and tuff). In reality, when we talk about real marble, we must refer only to metamorphic rocks but the term is used improperly by non-experts in the sector to also designate the other types of polishable stones such as granite, travertine and other types listed above.

Secondly, marble colors are divided on the basis of a series of technical-commercial factors including uniformity, porosity, density, resistance to atmospheric agents, workability, polishability and, the most important from an aesthetic point of view, color hue.

 Choosing the right marble tile colors for a specific application or project is an essential aspect and our mission is to guide the customer among all the marble colors. Marble countertop colors differ from colors of marble flooring and we can show you which marble color is the best for your project.

Find out all the marble colors and furnish your rooms as you prefer

Discover all our marble colors and types including stone, granite, marble and travertine. We are not limited to light color marbles or Carrara marbles, but uses a wide range of stone materials to give the Customer full choice. Each room must be furnished with the right color marble so that the technical characteristics are compatible with the application and that the mood required by the Customer is fulfilled. For this reason, it is important to have the widest selection of marble colors to be sure that the final choice is also the best.

In the area you can see a preview of all the types of marble that can be selected for the projects created by Dedalo. Take a look at the many marble colors available.

Why are there so many marble colors?

What color is marble? Marble color is one of the most beautiful and distinctive aesthetic characteristics of this natural stone. White marble, black marble, pink marble, grey marble are just a few marble colors among the many chromatic varieties available. But what are the marble slab colors due to? And why are there types of color marble?

Essentially the color marble, as indeed the veins and textures, is determined by the minerals that are contained within it. These different minerals, in fact, during the metamorphic process that leads to the transformation of the rock into marble, undergo a process of recrystallization due to high temperatures and high pressure. The different colors of marble then depend on the nature and quantity of minerals contained within the stone and other elements such as iron oxides, sand and clay. Hematite, for example, is able to give a marble color from pink to red; or pyrite leads to the formation of grey color marble stones; finally, light color marble types and particularly white ones are instead characterized by the absence of these impurities (and for this reason they are considered marble par excellence).

The strength of Dedalo Stone is the possibility of being able to select any type of marble color: choose from the different colors of marble available and Dedalo’s staff will take care of providing any marble color for the realization of any type of project

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