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Marmi Italiani

An incredibly precious natural stone with a timeless charm, Statuary marble owes its name to the fact that more than any other marble it has been used for the creation of statues, sculptures and monumental works.

The peculiarity of Statuario marble is the presence of dark gray veins of different sizes that stand out strongly against its brilliant and crystalline white background and create a unique and spectacular effect.

The predisposition of Statuary marble to sculptural processing essentially depends on its physical characteristics and in particular on its compact structure and its fine grain which can be made incredibly bright thanks to polishing.

Due to its rarity and its cost, marble Statuario is selected by architects and designers from all over the world for prestigious coverings in indoor contexts (and therefore in environments protected from bad weather and atmospheric agents). For the same reason, it is easier to see white Statuario marble applied in the living room or bathroom rather than in the kitchen where there could be the risk of ruining it with acid substances.

Finally, the quality of Statuario marble to make every environment shine and enhance it represents an absolute certainty. Versatility also distinguishes this wonderful material: perfect for environments with a classic and traditional style, Statuary marble has no problems even if being placed in contexts with a modern imprint, always managing to perfectly balance aesthetic luxury and sobriety.

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