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Our pool tables are a collabrotation between our master scupltors and some of the most well respected companies in the billard table world. Together we have created tables that excel in their precision and structure while commanding attention through style and elegance.

The perfect centrepiece for any games room

Perfect for games rooms

You can choose from any configuration of the game for your marble billiard table. From American pool to Russian pyramid, we can create your dream table in any size requested.

This is a statement piece of entertainment furniture that will complete any games room. If you are looking for a uniquely personalised pool table, Bella Pietra is the only choice. With a wide selection of materials, and access to some of the rarest stones in the world, we can assure you that this piece of luxury furniture will provide a lifetime of entertainment.

Perfect Presentation

Show Stopper

As always, Bella Pietra offer our pools tables in a varity of timeless materials such as marbles, onyxes, travertines, granites and limestone. In addition, we are able to create the billiard table from semi precious stones, such as lapis lazuli, rock crystal, agate, amethyst, rose quartz, tiger eye and many other semi precious material.

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