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Elegant Marble Bathtubs by Bella Peitra UK Marble Supplier

Our collection of marble and stone bathtubs: an elegant and customisable choice to furnish your luxurious bathroom.

Marble bathtubs with a unique design, handcrafted in Carrara with the finest marbles from all over the world. They can also be made to measure, customising the material and dimensions.

The lightweight monolithic marble bathtubs combine the shapes of nature, from which they draw inspiration, with the ergonomic lines to welcome every person in maximum comfort. For this purpose, we offer the possibility of customising each of our products according to the needs and, above all, to the physique of the customer. Each of our marble bathtubs is not just a work carved in marble but a design object able to model itself according to the dreams and the body of each person.

Lira, Our Luxurious Marble Bathtubs

Marble Bathtubs by Bella Peitra UK Marble Supplier

When Marble meets Design, Lira is our new bathtub inspired by lightness.

It is an extremely elegant marble object, designed to furnish bathrooms with refined taste, both classic and modern. Its design, in fact, recalls minimalist stylistic components typical of contemporary furnishings, but at the same time, the essential shape and the headrest in marble and wrought iron refer to the imagination of the ancient Romans.

Marble Bathtubs by Bella Peitra UK Marble Supplier

Lira is made with precious and resistant materials, conceived and produced in Italy, in our marble workshops in Carrara. Its sculptural design makes it a perfect object of furniture and design, as if it were a work of art.

Customise it to perfectly fit your bathroom.

Lira, like all our bathroom furniture products, can be completely customised. Choose the marble you prefer from our selection or among the best marbles in the world. Choose from the proposed sizes or send us your request to create a customised version to perfectly adapt to your bathroom.

Marble Bathtubs by Bella Peitra UK Marble Supplier

Hydra Bath Tubs: Exquisite Marble and Glass for Lavish Bathrooms and Spa

Introducing Hydra, an opulent marble bathtub meticulously crafted for sophisticated bathrooms.

Marble Bathtubs by Bella Peitra UK Marble Supplier

Should you seek an extraordinarily refined bathtub with a rectangular foundation, this product awaits your attention.

Unique Attributes of the Hydra Marble Bathtub

Marble Bathtubs by Bella Peitra UK Marble Supplier

This splendid tub offers complete flexibility in size and materials, granting you the freedom to select from an array of materials featured in our catalogue or even request a personalised creation. We take pride in offering the most exceptional natural stones, including exquisite Carrara marbles sourced globally.

Complementing the Hydra bathtub, we offer a matching shower base, an impeccable pairing.

Marble Bathtubs by Bella Peitra UK Marble Supplier

The gracefully curving contours of the bathtub emerge from a single block of solid marble, painstakingly carved in our Carrara workshop.

We ensure seamless worldwide shipping and installation of this captivating bathtub and all our remarkable products.

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