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Lightweight Marble and Stone by Bella Pietra: Revolutionising the World of Stone Products

Lightweight marble and stone are innovative stone and marble products that have been significantly reduced in weight through advanced technologies. Bella Pietra, a pioneer in this field, utilises patented techniques to create lightweight marble and stone solutions, including washbasins, bathtubs, and slabs, that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical for various applications. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of lightweight marble and stone, exploring the technology behind it, its advantages, and its diverse uses.

lightweight marble

The Technology Behind Lightweight Marble and Stone

Minimising Slab Thickness

To reduce the weight of marble or stone slabs, Bella Pietra first minimises their thickness to the absolute minimum.

lightweight marble

Reinforcement with Honeycomb Panels

To address the fragility that comes with thin slabs, Bella Pietra employs honeycomb-shaped panels made primarily from lightweight yet robust aluminium. These panels are securely attached to the back of the slabs. This strategic use of honeycomb panels significantly enhances the resistance of the final product while maintaining a low density.

Honeycomb Panel Construction

The honeycomb panels consist of two external "skins" or "faces," typically composed of fibreglass matting, surrounding a core structure featuring small hexagonal holes. These external panels distribute the weight, while the core element increases overall rigidity. Bella Pietra joins the honeycomb panels and slabs using durable two-component epoxy glues to ensure long-lasting stability.

Advantages of Lightweight Marble

Versatility in Design

Lightweight marble offers exceptional versatility for architectural and furnishing applications. Pre-assembled materials with built-in holes, hinges, and anchoring systems simplify installation, reducing both time and costs.

Exterior Cladding

In recent years, thin, lightweight marble slabs have been used for external cladding on large facades. Bella Pietra's patented technology allows for a weight reduction of up to 65% in monolithic marble products, making transport and assembly easier while minimising the risk of breakage during installation.

lightweight marble

Buoyancy in Water

Remarkably, some Bella Pietra marble washbasins are so lightweight that they can float when immersed in water. This feature enables the installation of these products on various surfaces, including crystal tops.

Energy Efficiency

Bella Pietra's lightweight marble technology includes foam and materials in some monolithic bathtubs, which help maintain water temperature for extended periods. Coupled with ergonomic design, this technology guarantees a more relaxing and energy-efficient bathing experience.

Accessibility in Design

Thanks to the reduced weight of their stone and marble products, Bella Pietra empowers architects, designers, and private clients to install these materials in places where it might not have been feasible otherwise, preserving the beauty of these materials without compromise.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: What are lightweight marble and stone?

A1: Lightweight marble and stone are stone and marble products that have been significantly reduced in weight using advanced technologies, making them versatile and practical for various applications.

Q2: How is the weight of marble and stone reduced?

A2: Bella Pietra minimises the thickness of marble or stone slabs and reinforces them with lightweight honeycomb panels, typically made from aluminium, to achieve a lightweight yet sturdy product.

Q3: What are the advantages of lightweight marble?

A3: Lightweight marble offers versatility in design, can be used for exterior cladding, may float in water, enhances energy efficiency, and makes it easier to incorporate these materials into architectural and design projects.

lightweight marble

Diverse Applications of Lightweight Stone and Marble

Lightweight stone and marble find applications in a wide range of scenarios, including:

  • Naval Sector: Used for luxury yacht interiors.

  • Aeronautics Sector: Employed in private jet interiors.

  • Furniture Accessories: Ideal for crafting furniture, chests of drawers, doors, and tables.

  • Home and Bathroom Furnishings: Applied in covering elevators or suspended stairs.

Bella Pietra's innovative approach extends to three-dimensional objects like bathtubs and washbasins. Using a unique technique, they reduce the weight of these products from the inside by employing foam and epoxy resin. This method allows for substantial weight reductions, making it possible to install large marble or stone objects in various settings.

Superior Quality and Craftsmanship

All Bella Pietra stone and marble products are crafted from a single block, ensuring no glued parts, stuccoed cracks, or other signs of recomposed or reassembled materials. The products feature a thin "skin" of 5/7mm, filled with synthetic foam made from epoxy resin and glass microspheres. This foam adheres perfectly to the stone, maintains the stone's colour, and possesses mechanical and thermo-mechanical characteristics similar to marble. The result is a product with compressive strength comparable to solid marble, resistant to temperature-induced cracks or internal detachments.

In conclusion, Bella Pietra's lightweight marble and stone products represent a ground breaking innovation in the world of stone materials. Their advanced technology not only reduces weight but also maintains the beauty and quality of these materials, making them suitable for a wide array of applications in architecture, design, and beyond.

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