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Luxurious Marble Sinks: Elevating Bathrooms with Bella Pietra

Marble sinks have emerged as the epitome of modern and contemporary bathroom design. From exquisite countertop sinks to free-standing and wall-mounted varieties, these luxurious marble creations are making a statement in luxury bathrooms worldwide.

Marble sinks by Bella Pietra

The Craftsmanship Behind Our Modern Marble Sinks

Our collection of marble sinks is handcrafted in Carrara, Italy, by our skilled artisans using the finest marbles from around the globe. Meticulous attention to detail goes into each sink's creation, ensuring they not only comply with all international hydraulic regulations but also contribute to the creation of exclusive, contemporary atmospheres.

Versatility Meets Aesthetics: A Perfect Blend

The lightweight design of our marble vessel sinks allows for versatile installation options. Whether suspended on a piece of furniture, cantilevered on glass, or directly mounted on the wall, these sinks seamlessly integrate into any space while enhancing its aesthetics. The versatility of marble makes it a timeless and adaptive choice, blending harmoniously with diverse styles and needs.

Introducing Onda: The Modern Wall Mounted Sink in White Carrara Marble

Marble sinks by Bella Pietra

Our Onda marble sink exemplifies elegance and balance, designed to complement any bathroom effortlessly. Its rectangular shape with squared lines exudes sophistication. The delicate wave-like slope forms a water collection cavity, adding a touch of finesse to the wash basin. The drain hole, adorned with an elegant marble drain resembling a river stone, embodies the inspiration drawn from the natural world.

Uniqueness in Every Vein

Marble's inherent veining patterns make each sink a unique work of art, as no two sinks will ever be identical. To create a striking contrast, consider pairing the sink with wall colours in shades of grey, while opting for a light-hued marble sink, such as cream. This juxtaposition will elevate your bathroom décor, with the marble sink becoming the centrepiece.

Embrace Bespoke Designs for Personal Touch

For those seeking expert advice and a fully tailored furnishing project, our bespoke section offers comprehensive support in interior design and custom-made solutions.

The Epitome of Luxury: Monolithic Marble Sinks

All our marble sinks, including the Onda, are monolithic creations crafted from a single block of marble without joints or gluing. This meticulous technique elevates the product to the highest echelons of luxury furnishings, catering to discerning clients seeking uncompromising quality. These marble wash basins can be effortlessly installed on supporting tops or directly mounted on walls using sturdy brackets.

Lightness Redefined: Innovative Technology for Effortless Management

Our Onda sink, like the rest of our luxury bathroom furnishings collection, boasts remarkable lightness, thanks to our patented technology. Our marble sinks are three to five times lighter than traditional alternatives, making them manageable, easy to transport, and cost-effective for installation. In fact, some of our products are so lightweight that they can even float when immersed in water. This unique feature makes them ideal for luxury boats and other contexts that require lightweight objects.

Marble sinks by Bella Pietra

Installation Options for Every Space

Our Onda marble sink offers flexible installation choices:

Wall Mounted Marble Sink:

Mounted directly on the wall using retractable stainless steel pins, this option showcases the sink's shape and lightweight allure.

Countertop Marble Sink:

Perfectly positioned on a supporting surface, maintaining the elegance of the marble without requiring additional structures.

Custom Made Marble Sink:

In addition to our standard lengths (120 cm, 150 cm, 180 cm, and 210 cm), we offer fully customised versions tailored to your bathroom's unique dimensions and requirements.

A Palette of Exquisite Marbles

We take pride in curating a selection of marbles for our bathroom furnishing products, chosen meticulously by our designers. Among our featured marbles are:

1. White Carrara Marble: The timeless marble with white to greyish tones, preferred by renowned sculptors such as Michelangelo and Canova.

2. Calacatta Caldia: Another exquisite marble from Carrara quarries, characterised by a greyish white background with delicate sea green veins.

3. Bardiglio Nuvolato: A versatile grey marble from the Apuan Alps area in Tuscany, boasting a varied background with grey, dark grey, and white veins.

4. Cremaluna: An elegant French marble with a light beige or pale yellow background, adorned with cloudy, darker veins.

5. Rosso Collemandina: This marble features a red base with striking grey-white veins, originating from Garfagnana in the Province of Lucca.

6. Onyx Arco Iris: A precious material displaying a breathtaking interplay of cloudy veins in various colours, including red, yellow, and honey, set against a cream background. Perfect for luxurious backlit installations.

Besides our curated selection, we also accommodate requests for other marble and stone types, ensuring our sinks align perfectly with your vision.

Bella Pietra's luxurious marble sinks not only elevate the functionality of your bathroom but also imbue it with contemporary elegance. The meticulous craftsmanship, versatile designs, and innovative technology make them stand out in the world of luxury bathroom furnishings. Choose from our exquisite collection or explore bespoke solutions to create a bathroom space that reflects your distinct style and opulence. Experience the epitome of luxury with our modern marble sinks.

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