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Marble Lighting for Mirrors by Bella Pietra

Bella Pietra unveils two distinct offerings, each a testament to exquisite craftsmanship and design innovation. Let's delve into the sophistication of Quadro and Tondo, where LED luminosity meets minimalist aesthetics to redefine your space.

Bella Pietra's Quadro collection, boasting sleek rectangular contours with a bevelled, polished edge—ideal for spaces defined by clean lines and contemporary design.

Cube-Crafted Brilliance Marble Lighting for Mirrors

Within the Quadro mirrors, a cube of sculpted marble takes centre stage, cradling the LED luminosity system. This cube gracefully rests on either one or both upper corners of the reflective surface, creating a visual balance that captivates the eye.

Marble Lighting for Mirrors

Tailored Elegance

For smaller mirrors, the marble cube and LED light are placed in the upper right or left corner, ensuring adaptability to any room's unique demands and ambient nuances.

Seamless Installation

Unobtrusive in design, Quadro mirrors seamlessly attach to the wall through concealed steel supports, guaranteeing a straightforward installation process. The result is a mirror that exudes sophistication and minimalism.

Dimensions Beyond Boundaries

Quadro mirrors are offered in a variety of widths, ranging from a modest 50 centimetres to a more expansive 210 centimetres. Bella Pietra offers our customers the opportunity to customise dimensions and even the material of the luminous focal points.

The Marbled Spotlight

At the heart of Quadro lies the marble spotlight—a beautifully designed element that defines the essence of this phenomenal product. Crafted from a diverse array of marbles found in Bella Pietra's bathroom furnishings collection, such as Bianco Carrara, Bardiglio Nuvolato, Calacatta Caldia®, Crema Luna, Onice Arcoiris, and Rosso Collemandina, or any other material of choice, these spotlights embody the epitome of distinctive refinement.

Tondo: Where Circularity Meets Elegance

Marble Lighting for Mirrors

With our Tondo collection, Bella Pietra introduces a circular motif that embraces elegance with an LED luminary housed within a marble cylinder atop a circular mirror.

Tondo's is designed with curves, offering a refreshing departure from the angular. The result is a marble lighting system that seamlessly integrates into any surroundings, adding a touch of our unique marble elegance to your mirrors.

Tondo mirrors are rectangular with circles nestled in their upper extremities, cradling an LED light. This unique configuration ensures the can be adapted to your design schemes and décor preferences.

As experts in the field, Bella Pietra guides customers through the process of selecting the perfect looking glass for their space, ensuring it integrates gracefully into the existing décor. The Tondo collection, with its minimalist aesthetic and versatile design provides a special final touch to any mirror.

In the realm of mirrors, Bella Pietra's Quadro and Tondo collections redefine the ordinary, offering not just mirrors but design masterpieces that elevate your space. Whether you lean towards the angular allure of Quadro or the circular elegance of Tondo, these mirrors are more than mere fixtures, they are statements of refined taste and sophistication. Embrace the marriage of LED luminosity and a minimalist aesthetics with Bella Pietra, where every mirror tells a story of unparalleled design.

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