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Onyx in the Kitchen by Bella Pietra

A stunning onyx kitchen represents a truly magnificent creation, capable of infusing both great elegance and modernity into diverse domestic spaces. While marble and granite often come to mind when thinking of natural stones, calcareous onyx, with its evocative and varied colours, unequivocally stands out among these materials.

onyx kitchen

In contemporary interior design, the focus extends beyond functionality to encompass the creation of emotionally captivating environments, engaging the senses with a palette of colours. Natural materials, when expertly crafted, provide the perfect foundation for practical and bespoke solutions, resulting in an exquisitely beautiful and refined onyx marble kitchen, whether in a classic or modern style. This versatility is reflected in Bella Pietra's commitment to crafting bespoke onyx kitchens, choosing this noble and precious material for its unique and rare characteristics.

onyx kitchen

A notable feature of calcareous onyx is its translucency, making it particularly suitable for backlighting. Available in a spectrum of shades such as white, green, orange, honey, brown, and red, the Tiger Onyx, with its warm and enigmatic streaks reminiscent of a tiger's coat, garners particular acclaim.

Explore the attributes of a backlit kitchen, its beauty, austerity, and the myriad possibilities brought to life by Bella Pietra, a leader in Italian furnishings crafted from marble, stone, and onyx.

Onyx for Kitchen Surfaces

Onyx kitchen countertops represent a discerning choice for connoisseurs, transforming a simple piece of furniture into the focal point of the room. Bella Pietra's onyx kitchen worktops, unlike traditional and more discreet counterparts, exude an allure that commands attention while providing maximum resistance, refinement, and class.

onyx kitchen

Stylistic possibilities abound, with careful design shaping the essential lines, size, and significance of the kitchen within the overall space. Backlit onyx kitchen countertops add a dynamic element, highlighting the stone's grain and warm colours, creating ever-changing and suggestive scenes.

Light serves as a vital and smart element in domestic spaces, contributing to the creation of unique, dreamy, and almost magical environments. Calcareous onyx allows the onyx kitchen to adopt various stylistic aspects, seamlessly blending with wooden furnishings of diverse essences or acquiring an ethnic or industrial allure when combined with other materials and bespoke accessories.

Imagine classic onyx kitchen worktops featuring a black onyx kitchen sink, enveloping the entire kitchen in an ambiance reminiscent of Greek and Roman opulence—a dream realized through Bella Pietra's expertise and carefully chosen materials. Onyx proves to be highly hygienic, ideal for contact with food, provided it undergoes appropriate treatment and cutting by a specialized company.

Backlit Onyx for Kitchens

A backlit onyx kitchen is both trendy and a luxury statement for true connoisseurs. Bella Pietra employs high-tech solutions and collaborates with lighting specialists to bring these projects to life. Lighting options are practically limitless, ranging from LEDs and strips to single lighting points and backlit panels, strategically placed to eliminate shadow areas.

Backlit onyx kitchens showcase the stone's nuances, warm streaks, and the shapes of furnishings, creating a softer yet austere and highly refined atmosphere during both day and night.

onyx kitchen

Onyx for Kitchen Island

Thanks to onyx's extraordinary properties and the skill of Bella Pietra's designers and craftsmen, a classy onyx kitchen island can be created. Perfect for both large and smaller rooms, the onyx island can match the kitchen countertop or other elements in the same space.

Functionally similar to a kitchen countertop, the island is positioned in the centre of the room, allowing for food preparation, dishwashing, cooking, and even dining. A backlit onyx kitchen island enhances the room's character, providing a strong focal point.

onyx kitchen

Onyx for Kitchen Cabinets

To make an onyx kitchen truly unique, Bella Pietra pays attention to the smallest details, offering onyx kitchen cabinets, shelves, or wall units. These functional elements take on a strong aesthetic connotation, with black onyx kitchen cabinets particularly appreciated. Backlit onyx kitchen cabinets create a calm and relaxing atmosphere, making onyx a surprising and sought-after material for those who appreciate luxury and uniqueness in interior design.

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