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The Best in Marble Flooring from Bella Pietra

In recent times, the resurgence of marble in interior design can be attributed to its unparalleled technical and aesthetic attributes. Luxury marble flooring, an enduring and timeless element, has remained in vogue since antiquity, continuing to captivate admirers both in historical epochs and contemporary settings.

Marble Flooring

Marble's everlasting appeal lies in its remarkable durability and resistance to impact. Moreover, its ability to exhibit diverse qualities, colours, and hues, contingent upon the surrounding furnishings and materials, is another distinguishing feature. A single marble floor can seamlessly harmonise with rustic or ultra-modern surroundings simply by manipulating the accompanying elements. This is the intrinsic quality that renders luxury marble flooring both eternal and perpetually adaptable in myriad ways.

When it comes to crafting bespoke marble floors, the array of options is vast, presenting a formidable challenge in making a selection. Bella Pietra understands this conundrum and thus offers a personalised service. This service assists clients in making informed choices regarding material selection (sometimes handpicked at the quarry), colour, installation, processing, and finishes, all of which are tailored to individual preferences and the specific setting where the marble floor will be laid.

Marble Flooring: An Array of Hues and Varieties

As we have frequently observed, luxury marble flooring encompasses a plethora of varieties and an extensive palette of colours, ranging from unblemished white marble floors to the profound obsidian of black marble. The paramount considerations when deciding on the ideal marble flooring stone are the room's dimensions, the existing colour schemes, and the desired ambience.

Marble Flooring

Carrara marble, widely celebrated for its purity, remains the quintessential choice for marble flooring. However, coloured marbles are also gaining prominence. White marble floors, for instance, are often chosen to impart spaciousness and radiance to a room. Veined marbles, too, hold a special place in the preferences of interior designers, allowing for captivating light-dark interplays with the room's furnishings. In expansive spaces, darker hues like Nero Marquinia or Nero Portoro can create a striking black marble floor effect.

Indoor Marble Flooring

Choosing the right stone for indoor marble flooring is relatively unconstrained by external factors, as indoor marble floors are not exposed to the erosive effects of the elements. Custom marble floors for interiors, celebrated for their tactile and visual appeal, stand as beacons in the realm of interior design. Indoor luxury marble flooring can grace any space, be it the dining area, living room, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom.

Outdoor Marble Flooring

In contrast, the selection of marble floor tiles for exterior spaces demands greater consideration. When opting for porous and fragile stones, it becomes essential to apply surface treatments aimed at sealing the pores, thus ensuring uniformity in the marble flooring's surface. Among outdoor marbles, travertine emerges as a prime choice. Its resilience against inclement weather and resistance to mould make it a popular pick for outdoor settings, such as poolside areas or humid environments. For external luxury marble flooring, travertine is best left untreated, preserving its natural anti-slip properties.

Custom Marble Floors: Our Portfolio

The spectrum of possibilities for custom marble floors is extensive. Bella Pietra with our extensive experience in the field, excels in harmonising marble flooring with the overall design of a residence. This entails meticulous attention to the marble's variety, finish, optimal tile size, and any intricate designs or inlays to be incorporated into the luxury marble flooring. Our repertoire includes:

- Marble bathroom flooring

- Pristine white marble floors

- Carrara Italian marble flooring

- Ebony black marble floors

- Marble shower floors

Marble Flooring

It is imperative to underscore the significance of marble finishes, each tailored to a specific purpose or to accentuate distinct facets of the marble's surface. Consider the notable distinction between polished, brushed, and antiqued marble floors, and how these finishes can transform the overall aesthetic.

Marble Flooring Installation

A pivotal aspect when opting for marble flooring is the installation method. The same marble, depending on the installation approach chosen, can exhibit remarkably different characteristics. An exquisite and impactful technique that we employ for crafting luxury marble flooring or cladding is the "book-matching" installation. This method involves aligning marble tiles to replicate the original veins of the stone, creating a seamless visual effect, akin to an open book, which leaves onlookers in awe. For this installation, larger slabs are typically used in lieu of small marble floor tiles.

Marble Flooring

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