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Our marble shower bases are elegant and functional works of art. Stepping barefoot onto the natural stone shower base is a refreshing and relaxing experience. Our selection of beautiful shower bases have minimal lines, ideal for modern bathroom furnishings.

Shower trays for modern bathrooms 

Our collection of custom made marble shower bases compliment any type of bathroom or shower space. Availible in various dimensions for both large and small spaces.

Shower trays can be sculpted with a rectangular, circular, square or angular shape. Each product is made of monolithic marble and can be personalised according to your tastes and needs. The sides and edges can be worked and shaped in order to perfectly combine with any shower stall on the market.

Modern Aesthetic

Unique Surfaces

Quadra and Onda are rectangular flush-fitting marble bases that can be installed as either a built-in or free-standing version. Both of these shower bases are low and have a hidden waste pipe. Fiume, our most original yet eccentric natural stone shower base, is inspired by the calm bed of a stream with its shiny pebbles in its depths.

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