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Our luxury marble foosball table is innovative not only with its contemporary design but also its ludic spirit. Our sculptors transform an ordinary item into a sophisticated showcase of top Italian design and craftsmanship.

A fun loving spirit meets Italian craftsmanship

 Italian craftsmanship

Our luxury game table is a piece of design featuring a sturdy centre base formed with purposeful precision to offer a perfect view of the game. These luxury foosball table in marble are wonderfully made from sturdy materials, perfectly in line with the craftsmanship and innovation of modern furniture and appreciated for its utility and function. Thus, the modern foosball table seamlessly blends into your living space while preserving an unrivalled level of playability.

Perfect Game

Fun Meets Style & Design

Leisure meets luxury in our exquisitely designed foosball table. The design of our marble foosball table is modern and minimalistic with its combination of simple, geometric forms. The aesthetic is simple yet sleek. The optimal blend of exceptional playability and indisputable style is provided by a hand-sanded top that frames the flawless gaming surface.

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