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The TV lift cabinet is a fantastic object whose function is to completely hide the TV so as not to make a technological object contrast with the surrounding furniture. This piece of furniture is equipped with a TV cabinet lift mechanism so that the TV can be pulled out using a button or a remote control only when the TV is used. In all other cases, the television resides inside the TV lift cabinet.

Hide TV's with luxurious style

What makes our white modern TV lift cabinet unique is undoubtedly its material. Marble represents an element characterised by everlasting beauty; its colours and inimitable veins make it seamlessly compliment many types of furniture, from rustic to modern. 

The brilliance of white marble, in particular, has no equals and for this reasons it is considered one of the finest materials for interior designs, able to uplift the environment in which it is placed.


Luxury Living Space

The white TV lift cabinet designed by Dedalo Stone has one goal: combining practicality with aesthetic beauty. Its stone structure is deliberately powerful , its square shape fits perfectly into the living room area but, at the same time, it is perfect as a tv lift cabinet for end of bed in the bedroom. 

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