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Our designers, in addition to the cutting and sale of classic marble slabs and tiles, have gone beyond this two-dimensional use of stone and have designed a line of marble wall covering for interiors or exteriors, with three-dimensional finishes and textures.

Where walls become art

In the kitchen, the marble tiles are often integrated with the countertop or sink. This stone and marble wall cladding produces a luxurious and refined visual continuity across the kitchen.

Bella Pietra have designed stone and marble wall cladding with geometric and clean lines that stimulate the tactile and visual sense, differentiating themselves from the most common wall coverings. 

The decorations and the marble wall cladding details on the slabs and tiles are inspired by natural elements such as the wind and flowing water. Each of the marble wall cladding designs can be combined with the various types of marble and stone available to achieve various visual effects and a unique marble finish.

Perfect Finish

More Than Just Marble

Marble wall cladding can enhance any room in your property. You can find stone and marble wall cladding for indoor and exterior walls. A marble wall is an extremely versatile thanks to the different marble wall cladding designs available. The colours, the type of cut of the slab, the processes and the customised textures/patterns allow you to create your perfect space.

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