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Black Veined Marble

Black marble can be found essentially of two types: black marble with a homogeneous background and black veined marble

Brown Vein Marble

The brown vein marble par excellence is undoubtedly the Emperador marble. There are two varieties: Emperador dark marble and Emperador light marble.

Dark Blue Marble

Dark blue marble is a non-homogeneous marble but characterized by frequent veins, dots, intrusions, clouds and stains.

Dark Marble

Dark marble has always been associated with extra-luxury and modern spaces: this is why dark marble is very often found in 5-star hotels and opulent buildings.

Dark Veined Marble

Although the white marble with dark veins represents the classicism within the stone field, just as much attention should be paid to the dark veined marble.

Gray Marble with White Veins

Similar to what happens with black veined marble, the dark background is enhanced by white or very light veins.

Grey Marble White Vein

Being characterized by a neutral and soft colour, the grey marble with white veins can also be used for the creation of large surfaces,.

Italian Marble

Italian marble is incredibly famous and in demand all over the world for its indisputable beauty and quality. The marble and granite have been extracted since Roman times and their processing is an ancient art.

Light Beige Marble

The most famous light beige marble are undoubtedly Botticino marble and Crema Marfil, two wonderfl varieties of light beige marble with indisputable aesthetic qualities.

Light Marble

When we talk about marble in general, we undoubtedly refer to light marble. Light marble, and in particular white marble, is considered the marble par excellence, with its natural luminosity and brilliance.

Marble Colours

The stone and marble colours available on the market are innumerable and come from all over the world. Each marble colour has its own peculiarities that make it unique.

Marble with Beige Vain

Perhaps the beige marble with vein par excellence is represented by the Botticino marble whose surface of uniform beige colour is enriched with dynamics thanks to irregular and elegant veins of brownish colour.

Marmi Italiani

An incredibly precious natural stone with a timeless charm, Statuary marble owes its name to the fact that more than any other marble it has been used for the creation of statues, sculptures and monumental works.

Marmo Venato

The stylish pattern on shades of white surfaced with a matt finish adds a unique character to the visuals of this marble. Design a trendy and modern space with this chic porcelain.

Most Precious Marble

The value and price of marble depends on many factors including age (some precious marbles are around 190 million years old!), rarity, chromatic mix, resistance, workability and difficulty of extraction activities and transport.

Pink Veined Marble

The pink veined marble, with its soft and delicate colour is beautiful both in its colours and shades

White Marble with Grey Viens

White marble with grey veins is the most famous combination in the veined stone category. White marble, marble par excellence, can be crossed by various types of veins but the most common ones have a colour ranging from light grey to dark grey.

White Veined Marble

The subtle contrast that is created between the homogeneous background and the delicate grey and blurred veins of the white veined marble is the perfect mix for the covering of bathrooms and kitchens.

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