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Our modern game tables are a reinterpretation of the traditional professional poker and table tennis table in an elegant and sophisticated way. The essential characteristics of our designs are elegance, strong personality, and authenticity.

Your house always wins

Whether you call it ping pong or table tennis…It’s the game that gets your competitive instincts going, regardless of what you call it. Our classic table goes luxury with unique and adaptable products that functions as exquisite conference tables in its traditional form, but when the professional net is added, it transforms into a modern ping pong table with all of the necessary features.


Luxury Games Rooms

Our exclusive poker tables can be made from your choice of marble or stone. The wow factor of an Italian marble poker table cannot be underestimated. The house always wins with this spectacular piece of marble furniture.

Each block of marble is unique, so every Bella Pietra poke table is a one off. Click the button above to start your journey through our extensive range of luxurious marble.

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