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Due to its undisputed technical and aesthetic qualities marble has never gone out of fashion. Used throughout history due to it hard wearing nature and luxurious aesthetic. Bella Pietra can help your achieve your perfect kitchen space with floor to ceiling marble designs.

Beautiful works of art for walls & floors

In contemporary design, in addition to floors, marble stone wall cladding is often used in various rooms of the houseincluding the kitchen, in a simple and linear way. Bella Pietra, in addition to the cutting of classic marble slabs and tiles, have gone beyond this two-dimensional use of stone and have designed a line of marble wall covering for interiors or exteriors, with three-dimensional finishes and textures.

The intrinsic characteristics of marble such as brightness, durability, resistance and elegance have been well known since ancient times, and marble stone wall cladding is one of the examples that most clearly shows all these qualities. 

Floor to Ceiling



Our marble flooring are timeless,durable and impact resistance on the one hand, while also having ability to show different qualities, colors and shades depending on the furniture and materials around it. The same marble flooring can be successful both in a rustic context and a hypermodern context, simply playing with the elements with which it is combined. 

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